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Training Two Days a Week

Suggest hitting the weight room two days a week to the average gym-goer and right away you’ll either get strange looks or arguments that its not enough training time to make any real progress towards added size and strength. But there are times that a two day a week gym routine can be the best […]

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Danny Trejo

MMA Minimalist Routine

There are many training modalities/components to deal with when preparing for MMA. Strength, mobility, flexibility, conditioning, and on top of that, you still need enough gas in the tank to develop your sports specific martial art skills. The goal of all of this is directed towards being able to stand and bang for five minute […]

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Brawn – An Abbreviated Training Routine

In my opinion, of all that has ever been written on the topic of weight training, the most comprehensive and most useful overall to the the vast majority of the population comes from Stuart McRobert. His two major works are “Brawn” and “Beyond Brawn”, both of which are essential primers in the basics of weight […]

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