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Training For The Older Trainer

Something all of us have to face sooner or later is aging. Past a certain point, our hormones start to change, our bodies become more sensitive to various stressors: physical, emotional, dietary, lifestyle etc. The key to continuing to make progress and in our training and overall health is to be very proactive and pay […]

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Escalating Density Training Revisited

Back in the mid-2000′s trainer Charles Staley developed a very simple yet brutal method of training: EDT or Escalating Density Training. This type of training is based in principle on pairing movements in superset fashion, under a rigid time limitation. The major premise is to take two movements grouped together, called “PR Zones”, where you […]

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The Back-Saving Workout

If you lift heavy enough, long enough, there is a pretty good chance that your lower back will be telling you to back off. Many times I’ve had low-back issues – tight QL ligaments, misaligned sacroiliac joints, etc – that caused me to back off of heavy squats or deadlifts for a bit while I […]

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Classic Push/Pull/Legs Split

One of the most enduring types of split routines is the so-called “Push Pull Legs” splits for many good reasons. Functionally, it is a logical way to split one’s muscle groups and physiologically, it might well be the routine that allows for the best recovery as well. When looking at designing any workout routine, one […]

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Vince Gironda’s 8 X 8 Workout

One of the reasons the name Vince Gironda is as popular as ever in bodybuilding articles is that the man had ideas that were truly revolutionary and way ahead of their time. 50 years before Charles Poliquin wrote about “German volume training” and new workout templates such as “FST-7″ appeared on the scene, Vince was […]

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