So called “high-bar” or Olympic squats are perhaps the best ticket to an athletic lower body and balanced thigh muscles.

Building cannonball deltoids will improve the overall look of your physique like nothing else. It will make you look wider and more athletic.

12 push-up variations

The Push-Up is by far the most adaptable and functional essential exercise, providing strength, core stability, balance and muscle building benefits.


Grip strength training is essential if you want to increase progress in size and strength gains and general health and well-being.


Dumbbells are the most versatile exercise equipment out there. Discover the most productive exercises you can do with dumbbells!

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The “snatch grip” deadlift variation has exceptional carry-over benefits for athletes and weekend warriors alike. Learn how to make this a staple in your training.

The deadlift is the most important exercise and best strength building movement. Nothing compares when it comes to building leg, core and back strength.