AMRAP Workout

AMRAP workouts are the quickest and most efficient way to train for the vast majority of the population.

beginner workouts

All those with the best built, most muscular and aesthetic bodies at some point were beginners. Find out how to make the fastest progress as a beginner.

Dumbbell Workouts

Get in great shape at home with these efficient dumbbell-based workouts!


Turn your body into an effective fat-burning machine with these simple short workouts.


Train every major muscle in your body with these simple but effective routines!


Scorch every muscle group in your body in 12 minutes with this efficient workout you can do at home!


A simple anywhere workout that can burn over 300 calories in 20 minutes combining jump rope and bodyweight calisthenics!


A list of 12 bullet-proof workout plans to cover your whole body that can be done in your garage, basement or home

21 home workouts

21 workouts that anyone can do at home with minimal or no equipment; as little as one set of dumbbells or bodyweight!


HIIT Interval Training is the fastest and most efficient way to shed pounds and become more muscular in the fastest time.