21 home workouts

21 workouts that anyone can do at home with minimal or no equipment; as little as one set of dumbbells or bodyweight!


HIIT Interval Training is the fastest and most efficient way to shed pounds and become more muscular in the fastest time.

Push pull training might be the best, most efficient, safest and flexible way to train and continually make progress over time.

If a full body workout doesn’t sound challenging enough , make it an even more efficient metabolic boosting muscle builder with supersets!

Charles Staley’s Escalating Density Training (EDT) is a weight training approach focused on hypertrophy, which groups exercises based on time-limited periods.

Training with back issues is something that eventually will happen to most of us. There are easy ways to work around this while fixing your back problems!

MMA requires a training routine that supports developing specific skills, balance, timing, co-ordination, strength, explosivity, mobility and conditioning.

Reg Park was the inspiration for a young Arnold Schwarzenegger to pick up his first set of weights.

Learn how to pack on pounds of lean muscle mass, despite being a so-called hardgainer.

Learn a time-honored proven method to to gain lots of muscle with 20 rep sets of squats and pullovers!