It is not only possible to gain muscle with a minimal amount of basic exercises, it might also be the best approach.

As one gets older it becomes more important to train smarter than harder, listening to one’s body, paying attention to rest, recovery, injuries.

Charles Staley’s Escalating Density Training (EDT) is a weight training approach focused on hypertrophy, which groups exercises based on time-limited periods.

Training with back issues is something that eventually will happen to most of us. There are easy ways to work around this while fixing your back problems!

Training two days a week might actually be optimal for some people, based on their needs.

MMA requires a training routine that supports developing specific skills, balance, timing, co-ordination, strength, explosivity, mobility and conditioning.

There is perhaps no author more associated with “minimalist weight training” routines than Stuart McRobert. Check out his original workout routine.

One of the most popular way people have split their routines is with a two-way split with the upper body being trained in one day and then the lower body the next session.

Reg Park was the inspiration for a young Arnold Schwarzenegger to pick up his first set of weights.

Learn how to pack on pounds of lean muscle mass, despite being a so-called hardgainer.