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Build Massive Traps With High Pulls

Walk into a gym and you can like spot the guys who regularly perform cleans. There is nothing for developing the upper back, delts and building massive traps like doing lots of power cleans. Key to performing a power clean is the triple extension aspect of it - the "high pull".

I came across this video of an adaptation of the high pull as a mass builder. Perfect to fit into a push/pull/legs split on the pull day.

The main points in this version of high pulls are to rest the bar on the thighs with a wider than shoulder width grip and then initiate the movement of the bar with hip drive. As the bar ascends up your body, you should be carrying over the momentum first initiated by the hip drive by rising on your toes. As the bar is about chest height, pull the bar towards your lower neck region (see the video; she uses a light weight to demonstrate this from various angles. Think of rowing towards your neck!) before lowering the bar again. Then you touch the bar to your thighs, beginning this process over for the next rep.