15 Minute Conditioning Workout

Get in Awesome Shape With This 15 Minute Conditioning Workout

Get in top shape for summer with this tough and efficient workout in just 15 minutes. Added to a routine of strength training it can make for the best all-around training you could have. One of the big problems when it comes to people trying…
Hybrid HIIT Workout

30 Minute Full Body HIIT Workout: Total Body Resistance And Cardio

When it comes to getting in shape, burning calories and building a leaner more muscular body, nothing beats High-intensity interval training (so-called HIIT workouts). High intensity interval workouts done either with bodyweight or extra resistance…

Simplify Your Training With a Push Pull Training Routine

Push pull training might be the best, most efficient, safest and flexible way to train and continually make progress over time. This is exactly why this sort of training has stood the test of time. Over many years I've tried many different…
learn how to raise testosterone naturally

14 Ways to Increase Testosterone Naturally

If you notice that you are having symptoms like decreased libido, erectile dysfunction, depressed mood, low motivation and drive to do things that used to be fun, difficulties maintaining and building muscle, and difficulties with concentration…

Ignite Growth With This Full Body Superset Workout

I've been using this workout for several clients and have been getting great results in terms of size and conditioning gains. Since all of these movements primarily involve super-setting multiple large muscle groups, there is a massive metabolic…
front squat

6 Ways To Build Massive Legs

For many years I made the mistake of neglecting assistance movements to the back squat. And it showed, as my leg development was not as balanced as it could have been - particularly in the lower thigh. It is only when I started adding in…
lowering estrogen in men

3 Proven Ways To Naturally Lower Estrogen In Men

We all are concerned with keeping our testosterone levels at optimal levels, but too many of us neglect to have our estrogen levels checked and that isn't a good thing as when estrogen levels get too high, they can create all sorts of nasty…
Build massive quads with front squats

Build Muscle With Only 4 Exercises

We've all heard that old "less is more" adage when it comes to simplifying things. And let's face it, people for various reasons have a tendency to over complicate things. It is as if they feel that if they add more arbitrary exercises or…

Build Muscle and Get Stronger After Age 40

Something all of us have to face sooner or later is aging. Past a certain point, our hormones start to change, our bodies become more sensitive to various stressors: physical, emotional, dietary, lifestyle etc. The key to continuing to make…