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Vince Gironda’s "Hormone Precursor Diet" For Muscle Gain

Vince Gironda

Legendary trainer Vince "iron guru" Gironda was ahead of his time by decades with many of his ideas. Almost twenty years before Dr. Atkins was promoting the merits of a carbohydrate restricted diet, Gironda was writing about a diet of steak and eggs for "maximum definition". While some of his ideas are outdated (ie., bench pressing to the neck), he was right about the role that a diet high in egg protein plays in maximizing natutral hormone levels - since cholesterol is an essential building block for testosterone. Unfortunately the medical establishment (drug companies) have waged an irrational war on the "high fat diet".

Anecdotally, at one point I was eating 6-8 eggs daily already for a year at that time and told my doctor this on day. He was shocked and responded by waring me that I would have high cholesterol blood work for sure. My blood work came back: the LDL ("bad cholesterol") was very low, the HDL ("good cholesterol") was high normal and overall triglycerides were low. Years later I am still doing my part to keep chicken farmers in business, and my blood work is still optimal.

Gironda recommended the follwing "Hormone Precursor Diet" diet for four to six weeks, followed by a vegetarian diet to help restore the body's acid/alkaline balance:


Vince’s special protein drink made of 12 oz half and half, 12 raw eggs, 1/3 cup milk-and-egg protein powder, 1 banana. (Make one to three mixtures of this formula and drink throughout the day, between meals, and before retiring)

1 multi-vitamin tablet 3 vitamin A and D tablets or 3 halibut oil capsules 1 vitamin B complex
1 vitamin B-15 tablet 1 vitamin C comlex (300 mg) 2 vitamin E capsules (800 iu)
1 zinc tablet 1 chelated mineral tablets 5 alfalfa tablets
10 kelp tablets 3 tri-germ and wheat germ oil capsules 1 RNA/DNA tablet
3 Lysine tablets
(400 mg) 1 hydrochloric acid tablet
(before meal)
3 digestive enzyme tablets (after meal) 3 multi-glandular tablets
(nucleo glan male or female)

1 pound hamburger or other meat
Mixed greeen salad or raw vegetables

1 iron tablet
4 calcium tablets
Repeat of breakfast vitamins with omission of vitamin E, tri-germ, wheat germ, halibut oil

1 to 2 pound steak or roast meat
Raw or steamed vegetables or salad and cottage cheese

Same as lunch

Special Supplements
10 amino acids and desiccated liver tablets (every 3 hours) 5 yeast tablets with the protein drink
4 raw orchic tissue tablets (before and after workouts)
6 each of the following before retiring: arginine, ortithine, tryptophan, calcium tablets