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Vince Gironda's Maximum Definition Diet

Long before the diet and nutrition world ever heard of the late Dr. Robert Atkins' "Atkins Diet", Vince Gironda promoted a high fat, high protein diet consisting of animal proteins: meat, eggs, and heavy cream. Vince said that this type of diet is essential to getting a lean, muscular defined body replete with "6 pack" abs. Eating enough protein to maintain a 'positive nitrogen balance' is key on this diet and how much protein will depend on your height, weight and metabolism.

According to Gironda, eating 1/2-1 pound of steak and a half dozen eggs will supply over 100 grams of protein, and he ate this diet himself to get into the best shape of his life. The lean photos of him in the mid 1950s are a testament to this diet. Eating eggs in no way causes excess cholesterol - an absolute myth perpetrated by medical "experts". In fact, cholesterol is the main building block for testosterone. Years later, medical research by Dr. Atkins proves this to be true: dietary cholesterol has no direct correlation with elevated blood cholesterol. As Gironda said over 50 years ago, real culprit is triglycerides mainly caused by the trans-fats found in the processed foods which make up the bulk of the western diet today.

As with the anabolic diet, it is important that every four or five days you have a 'reload' day of carbohydrates to replenish the body's glycogen stores or else, as Vince put it, "you will smooth out and loose strength". A diet without any carbohydrates will drain all the stored glycogen in the liver, and only dietary carbohydrate intake will replenish it. In short, eat 1/2-1 pound of steak and a half dozen eggs ever 3-4 hours and make every fourth day a carb reload day, and you will become progressively leaner, especially when combined with an intense but brief old school full body workout!