Scores of simple and effective free workout routines that have stood the test of time!

Home Fat Loss Workout

The Best 15 Minute Workouts You Can Do At Home!

Turn your body into an effective fat-burning machine with these simple short workouts. There is no possible excuse that can prevent you from getting a great workout in 15 minutes.

Using the method of "sprint interval training" during a brief but intense workout, one can burn at least at least 200–600 calories a day as well as potentially increase their resting metabolic rate. 

One of the authors of a recent study by the Colorado State University, Kyle Sevits, stated, "Total daily energy expenditure is increased following a single bout of sprint interval training" and that daily single bouts of sprint interval training may be sufficient to prevent weight gain in over 90% of adults! 

Sevits also states that,

"Research shows that many people start an exercise program but just can't keep it up. The biggest factor people quote is that they don't have the time to fit in exercise. We hope if exercise can be fit into a smaller period of time, then they may give exercise a go and stick with it."

What I personally like about short simple workouts is the efficiency in hitting every muscle in the body and gets the job done as thoroughly as possible in a manner which one is likely to stick to.

Adding variety is another important factor to keep motivation up and increase the likelihood that one will stick to their exercise routine. Often times we let the "perfect become the enemy of the good" by overthinking things and being unrealistic.

15 Minute Short Home Workouts

How to perform these is as simple as the workouts themselves. Do the prescribed number of repetitions for each exercise with little to no rest in-between them and then rest 15 seconds before cycling through them again, repeatedly, until 15 minutes have expired.

You can set the timer on your mobile phone or use an online timer.

Workout 1:

20 Jumping Jacks

7 Burpees

7 Dumbbell Squat to Push Press

Workout 2:

5 Burpees

10 Push-Ups

10 Squats

Workout 3:

6 Dumbbell Squat-to-Press

6 Dumbbell Bear Rows (each arm)

10 Push-Ups

Workout 4:

10 Spiderman Push-Ups

10 Squat Jumps

20 Jumping Jacks

Workout 5:

10 Jumping Lunges

5 Burpees

10 Inverted Rows

Workout 6:

10 Box Jumps

10 Pike Push-Ups

1 Minute Jump Rope

Workout 7:

10 Hindu Push-Ups

10 Hindu Squats

10 Burpees

Workout 8:

20 Alternating Reverse Lunges (10 each leg)

10 Dumbbell Push-Ups

10 Bicycle Crunches

Workout 9:

10 Dumbbell Walking Lunges

7 High Plank Dumbbell Rows (each arm) with Push-Ups

20 Jumping Jacks

Workout 10:

10 Hindu Squats

8 V-Sits

10 Feet Elevated Push-Ups

Workout 11:

10 Bench Jumps

6 Dips (between chairs or counter top etc)

7 Dumbbell Bear Rows (each arm)

Workout 12:

10 Dumbbell Swings

10 Dumbbell Reverse Lunges

6 Clapping Push-Ups

Workout 13:

10 Bodyweight Squats

10 Push-Ups

10 Inverted Rows

Workout 14:

8 Jump Squats

8 Archer Push-Ups

30 Shadow Boxing Punches

Workout 15:

20 Alternating Step-Ups (10 each leg)

5 Chin-Ups

10 Divebomber Push-Ups

The Exercises:


Dumbbell Squat to Push Press

Dumbbell Bear Rows 

Spiderman Push-Ups

Jump Squats

Jumping Jacks

Pike Push-Ups

Box Jumps

Hindu Push-Ups

Hindu Squats

Bicycle Crunches

Dumbbell High Plank Row

Archer Push-Ups

Shadow Box

Divebomber Push-Ups